Improving your chances of winning current sales opportunities

Overview – “The Opportunity Roadmap”

Winning Complex Sales™ workshops are designed to help account teams analyse and improve their sales process in current opportunities. Working in opportunity teams, participants create an Opportunity Roadmap outlining a concise strategy and action plan that guides the team to success. The practical, easy-to implement methodology and supporting tools help participants to quickly incorporate the concepts into daily business, resulting in short and long-term improvements in sales performance. WCS is a pragmatic, time-tested method to plan and execute the sales process. Working in opportunity teams, participants analyse their position in current deals and improve their strategy and action plan to win.

Who should attend?

The workshop is targeted at sales professionals. For optimal results, complete opportunity teams should attend, including account managers, sales managers, pre-sales specialists, and consultants.

What Issues Can WCS help address?

  • Deals are lost due to missing relationships with the real decision makers and a weak value proposition
  • Poor qualification leads to resources being wasted on the wrong opportunities
  • Sales process is not based on what customers think is important nor applied consistently across the team
  • Mistakes are repeated because there is little learning from wins and losses

Workshop Benefits

  • Increase revenue – by improving action plans in live cases
  • Improve win rate – by identifying and eliminating sales process deficits
  • Better teamwork and coaching – using a common language for opportunity management
  • More accurate forecasts – by gaining control of the sales process
  • Improved resource utilisation – through better qualification and focus on the right projects
  • Maximise long-term impact – by ensuring that the concepts become part of daily practice

Workshop Contents

  • Understanding the differences between the sales process and the customer’s buying process
  • Gaining access to the complete Buying Center
  • Improving opportunity team communication
  • Developing individual value propositions and ensuring that the customer experiences them
  • Gaining trust at multiple levels by aligning the sales team with the Buying Center
  • Securing and accelerating the sale by quantifying the benefits of your solution
  • Developing and deploying a comprehensive competitive strategy
  • Obtaining customer commitment to a joint action plan for the sales process
  • Improving project qualification to determine which opportunities to focus resources on
  • Analysing wins and losses to prevent unsuccessful sales practices from being repeated
  • Managing selling time to achieve short, medium and long-term goals
  • Converting the concepts learned into daily business


There is a 1-day program for sales leaders to preview concepts, prepare to coach in the workshop and implement the method.

There is also a 2-day sales team workshop to analyse current sales opportunities and improve strategy and action plan. You will provided with implementation support to ensure fast, sustained, measurable impact on business results. The two-day workshop begins both days at 8:30 ending at 19:00 on the first day, and at 17:00 on the second day. An optional implementation review takes place three months after the workshop.

Participant Preparation

To maximise the benefits of this workshop, participants complete a short assignment in which they analyse wins and losses and describe their current position in 1-2 important opportunities. Participants apply the workshop concepts directly to the opportunities submitted.