Increase Revenue and Share of Wallet through Systematic Account Development


MSA helps account teams create a comprehensive plan to increase revenue, create more business opportunities and increase share of wallet with existing key accounts.

Who Should Attend?

The workshop is targeted at complete account teams spanning all functions from sales through to delivery and customer care. The workshop brings together teams spanning multiple locations and functions to focus them on developing a coherent and comprehensive approach to their common customer.

What Issues Can MSA help address?

  • Revenue opportunities with existing customers not fully exploited
  • Displacement by competitors who are more engaged with the customer and provide better solutions or prices
  • Wasting scarce resources on activities that have little to no value to the customer
  • Opportunistic, reactive selling in existing customers rather than proactively developing new business

Workshop Benefits

  • Discover Opportunities – through a deeper understanding of the customer’s business
  • Improve Partnership – through a better Value Proposition for the customer
  • Increase Repeat Business – based on higher customer satisfaction
  • Improved Synergy – by getting everyone to “sing from the same hymn sheet”
  • Collaborative Account Plan – validated by the customer and the own management
  • Organisational alignment – of resources to execute the account plan
  • Increased share of customer wallet – through systematic account development
  • Direct customer involvement in developing and validating a collaborative plan
  • Involvement of all account team members maximises implementation success

Workshop Contents

  • Application of a team-based methodology for account development
  • Assessing current account status vis-à-vis competitors from the customer’s perspective
  • Understanding the customer’s objectives and critical issues and how we can add value
  • Build on existing opportunities, and identify and quantify new ones
  • Develop a concise vision and engage internal resources to achieve it
  • Involve the customer in developing a joint action plan to move forward
  • Internal management approval and commitment to allocate necessary resources
  • Develop relationships with key people in the account


The complete program consists of a one day Kick-Off Meeting, followed by a two day Account Planning Workshop about 6 to 8 weeks later. The 1-day meeting will help to prepare customer interviews to assess perception of current service level and identify improvement areas. The 2-day workshop will be for account teams to analyse their customer’s strategy and match their solution portfolio to potential needs. They will also identify cross- and up-selling opportunities as well as create a 2-3 year account development plan which is subsequently validated by the customer.

Participant Preparation

Prior to the Kick-Off meeting, the Account Managers participate in a telephone briefing to ensure that all required information is available, and appropriate team members attend.