Ensuring fast implementation, sustained impact, and real change


Leading the Sales Process™ focuses on the manager – coach role in implementing a sales methodology. Participants learn how to lead a sales process improvement initiative, achieve fast implementation, sustain impact on results, and a maximise return on investment. Hands-on exercises focus on customising the sales methodology to your specific business, conducting effective opportunity and pipeline reviews and performing win/loss analyses.

Who should attend?

Sales managers, sales operations, project leader and others responsible for implementing a sales methodology in daily business.

Workshop Benefits

  • Effective implementation – of a sales methodology designed to maximise your win rate
  • Faster return on investment – with an implementation plan based on best practice
  • Recognition for sales leadership – by leading the process of change through personal example
  • Sustained improvement – by weaving the concepts into the fabric of your organisation
  • Improved productivity and motivation – by coaching instead of controlling
  • More accurate forecasts – through alignment of probability with sales process execution
  • Better staff development – by identifying and resolving individual and team skill gaps

Workshop Contents

  • Understanding the role of coaching in effective sales management
  • Customisation of the sales methodology to support your business
  • Conducting effective opportunity and pipeline reviews
  • Identifying the real underlying sales process issues and helping the team resolve them
  • Building trust and improving communication with salespeople
  • Performing win/loss reviews to identify best and worst practices
  • Qualifying opportunities to improve resource utilisation and pipeline quality
  • Avoiding organisational resistance to change
  • Turning initiatives into results
  • Walking the talk during the sales methodology workshops


This 1-day workshop is ideally conducted shortly before a Winning Complex Sales program. Timing is 8:30 to 17:30.

Optional Program

1-day reinforcement program consisting of 4-5 facilitated opportunity reviews with peer and expert coach feedback.