More Than Just Sales Training for medical device companies

Convenience, Speed, Reality

When you participate in any of our programs, you work with real, live deals and issues that challenge you and your organization in selling to healthcare or technology decision makers a (Tim, I’m not familiar with the term sales directives, did I use it correctly?  We take particular care to ensure that learning will be quickly converted into action. Before the program, you will identify issues and opportunities in your own significant accounts. During the sales training program, you will set strategies and action plans to fit your individual needs. Our approach creates an interactive, dynamic climate, which actively encourages feedback and discussion.


On-site sales training programs

A program facilitator will work with your sales organization to understand your exact business objectives to deliver a program focused on your specific needs. Customized program materials are available for organizations that wish to incorporate their mission statement and ideologies into presentations used by program facilitators.


Implementation Coaching

We are able to support the implementation and integration of new processes and behaviours through our highly effective coaching methodology.



All of our sales training programs are available on a Train-the-Trainer basis.


Online Learning Solutions

e-Learning programs are designed for those members of your medical or technology sales

organization that support your sales force, including pre-sales, product marketing, and customer support.

Blended learning consists of web delivery of the concepts, theory, philosophy, and approach followed by an instructor-led classroom experience that takes advantage of the brainstorming and synergy created when salespeople gather in the same room.