Sales Team Development for Medical and Technology Sales Teams

The Essentials of Selling

This workshop is for those new to a sales role and those in another role taking on an extra responsibility for selling. Participants learn how to sell with the integrity needed to build long term productive business relationships. They will be learning an effective sales process, new tools and techniques that will help them sell effectively and successfully build lasting relationships with clients.

Prospecting by Telephone

Using the phone for prospecting is a skill that can be developed. It has been said that when using the phone, 83% of the message is in the way we use our voice. How we use our voice is an important tool in generating interest and achieving impact. There are a range of vocal tools we can use to keep the other person engaged and listening to what we have to say. This workshop is designed to help participants be more effective at prospecting by telephone. In addition to learning how to be effective at handling gate keepers and influencing senior decision makers, they will also learn how to create a more engaging telephone style using a variety of techniques that increase both confidence and impact.

Service with a Sale

This is an intensive service and sales improvement training workshop. It is suitable for indirect or customer-service focused telephone based staff and focus on up and cross-selling as well as raising service experience and general sales effectiveness.

Networking for Lead Generation

Networking is one of the fundamental and key skills of any business professional. Good networking skills will help you to develop business within existing accounts as well as get appointments with hard to reach buying influencers. This practical and interactive course will cover more traditional approaches to generating leads and referrals from networking as well as the use of social media tools such as Linkedin. Delegates will learn both how to do it successfully and how NOT to do it!

Selling Solutions

There is an ever increasing demand to sell solutions not products and this course aims to demystify the process of selling solutions and provide frame work that everyone can understand and successfully move away from selling products to selling value added solutions. Each stage of the selling process is covered on the course, and one of the key objectives will be to help your medical or technology sales team develop real commitment towards achieving success and ultimately their sales targets. The sales process is covered in a logical way, combined with practical role play, which means that medical or technology sales team will have a framework from which they can deal with almost any sales situation.

Flexible Selling

Most good salespeople instinctively adapt their behaviour to the different personalities of their customers. This module shows how to put those instincts to more effective use to cope with the differing personalities of key buying influences.. Participants learn about sales psychology, behavioural analysis and DISC profiling to know when and how to change their behaviour with different customers and prospects. There are sound general principles for modifying strategies and tactics to deal with each style. By following these guidelines, salespeople will be able to partner decision makers in satisfying their material and emotional needs.

Selling at Boardroom Level

This highly interactive and practical workshop will present some significantly fresh ideas and approaches, and will assist in achieving in improve your average account or contract value, remove normal barriers within the sales cycle, and help to shorten the sales decision making process. Participants will understand the view from the top, how boardroom level people make decisions, and learn how to engage with senior executives in the sales process.

Selling to Groups

Maximising the time we have with groups of customers is essential if we are to grow sales of products and services significantly. With these cutting edge skills we can compel our audience to commit to action and remember our key messages for longer.

In this Group Selling / Presenting skills workshop the delegates will be highly challenged in a positive environment in order to raise both confidence and skills, allowing them to achieve their potential as high quality sales presenters.

Group selling concepts will be added to powerful presentation structure and skills and each delegate will receive coaching in order to significantly raise the level of each individual’s presenting impact.

Closing Better Business

This sales  training workshop presents practical and proven methods on how to improve the final qualification, progression and conversion of sales opportunities. This includes: price negotiation, overcoming objections, presenting and summarising your proposals, asking for the order, and overcoming obstacles to gaining agreement.

Procurement Awareness for Medical and Technology Sales Representatives

This course is useful for salespeople who want to gain a full understanding of the purchasing function and how to better negotiate with professional buyers.  Attendees will gain a complete overview of the purchasing role and how it fits within the wider organisation. They will gain insights into the mindset of the buyer and negotiation tactics they use to drive down price and gain concessions.

Negotiating Profitable Sales

This course is designed for medical and technology sales people who want to develop confidence in tackling sales negotiations, from one on one to negotiating with a team of buyers of medical and technology prodcuts, services and solutions.  Participants will discover how, by using structured and controlled persuasion, to conduct successful negotiation meetings and achieve a win/win result.

Selling goods and services requires many skills, but to achieve truly profitable results every salesperson must master the demanding skills of negotiation. In selling you don't necessarily get what you deserve; you get what you are capable of negotiating. The skill of negotiation in selling is a crucial factor that, when mastered, will ensure you always make the profitable sales.

This two-day course will facilitate a complete understanding of the process of structured sales negotiation – the knowledge, the skills and critical attitudes required for success. This programme is highly practical, involving full participation and using role-plays, discussions and intensive skills workshops.

Proactive Account Management

The aim of this Account Management workshop is to introduce to you the principles of a proven account management process. It will help participants to plan, prioritise, and develop your accounts, balancing the needs of the company with those of customers, to produce mutually beneficial commercial relationships and consequently increased and sustained business.

The learning within this workshop will be focused around a specific account. All of the learning will be immediately applied to participants’ day-to-day role and the management of their account, to ensure that their newly refined skills and knowledge are commercially focused to impact positively upon sales and business.

Personal Effectiveness and Time Management for Medical and Technlogy Sales Representatives

The technological and information revolutions were supposed to give more time and yet the constant complaint from all quarters is; ‘I need more time!’

We cannot ‘manage time’; we can only manage ourselves and those who ‘steal’ our time. Time Management involves self management and taking control of our environment.

This course will give delegates an effective action plan which will make them pro-active, not reactive. It begins by identifying the barriers to good time management and shows how to overcome them. They will then be able to use methods of assigning priorities to each activity and allocating the maximum time to the most important.

Additional Selling Skills programs include:

  • Questioning Skills
  • Listening Skills
  • Objection Handling
  • Getting the Decision
  • Financial Awareness for Sales People
  • Qualification and Selection of Key Accounts
  • Penetrating Key Accounts
  • Principles of Transactional Analysis
  • Principles of NLP
  • Storytelling for Sales Success

Internal Sales Training Development Services

Train the Trainer

Most of our sales training courses are available on a train-the-trainer basis so that they can be delivered by your own internal trainers as part of your Sales Academy. We will work with you to ensure that you get the same high level of results that our clients expect and enjoy from our associate trainers.

Capturing the expertise already within your medical or technology sales team

Do you have top performers within your sales team that have skills and expertise you would like to spread to other team members? People who are excellent at what they do are not always the best people to teach it. In sales they are often too busy and focused to devote the time. Sometimes there is a reluctance to share what they see as their competitive edge. We have a number of proven methods for effecting the spreading of skills and best practice.

Sales Training Design Consultancy and Mentoring

We will work with your own internal sales trainers to help them design and deliver your own internal sales training content. They will learn the secrets from experienced trainers of world class sales teams.