Sales Management Development

The Fundamentals of Sales Management

Many managers think that because they have targets and budgets they must be managing by objectives. This is a fallacy, brought about by the failure of many companies to use MBO correctly.

This module shows how to use the MBO process to increase people’s freedom, to encourage them to be creative, but at the same time help them to evaluate the effectiveness of possible actions on a rational basis.

In short MBO can be fun. It has been described as the process which reconciles the human relations and scientific schools of management.

How to Motivate Sales People

In order to get the best out of their people, managers must differentiate between motivation and incentive. An incentive is a tangible reward for completing a task or achieving an objective. Motivation is intangible. People are already motivated. They become de-motivated when their inner needs are not being satisfied or when the ‘hygiene’ or environmental factors of the organisation fall below an expected standard.

This module shows how to combine the best motivational skills with a well conceived incentives policy.

Sales Leadership Coaching

Making the transition from high performing sales person to high performing sales manager can be a tough one. Sales expertise is important but so is leadership. This coaching program enables sales managers to make that transition. They will receive 360 degree feedback as a leader, develop a vision for their sales team, work on their personal effectiveness, and channel their communication and influencing skills into increasing sales team performance.

Coaching Skills for Sales Success

The aim of this course is to assist all those responsible for the development or performance of sales people to acquire the critical skills and behaviours which are present in high performing manager-coaches today. Delegates will familiarise themselves with the sales skills framework and will acquire such skills which will create more effective coach/leaders, who are able to have a positive impact on the performance of their teams by learning to enhance both levels of skill and motivation.

Coach the Coach

Coaching is a skill that improves with practice and expert input. No matter how skilled your Sales Managers are at coaching, if they are not getting the results they would like then getting some coaching from a Master Sales Coach can really help to move things forward.

Activity Management for Sales Managers

There are many definitions of management; this module analyses two of them.

‘Getting results through the efforts of others’

‘Achieving results through the efficient and economic utilisation of people and resources’

The human relations school emphasises the motivation of others, which means giving them freedom of action. The scientific school emphasises getting results, which may require tight direction, supervision and measurement.

Our program shows how to reconcile these two views. It is possible to motivate people because of superior control, not in spite of it. To do this, we need a structured approach to every management task and the ability to relate every aspect of activity and performance to achieving current objectives.

Opportunity Management for Sales Managers

Formal sales pipeline management is a sales management task that is often overlooked. This course shows sales managers how to use formal sales pipeline reviews as a basis for coaching for improvements in sales performance.

How to Run Effective Sales Meetings

A meeting provides a unique opportunity to generate new ideas and create team spirit. It should also be a vehicle for gaining a group’s commitment to improving performance, developing potential managers and using the experience of successful people to inspire and train others.

Effective Time Management for Sales Teams

Continual pressure to achieve short term objectives leads inevitably to ‘crisis management’. We become dominated by problems of the moment and our long term goals are neglected. And in the long run, this means that the pressure will become even more intense, as we are forced to tackle symptoms rather than the causes.

This is a problem which cannot be solved overnight, but we will give delegates an effective action plan which will make them pro-active, not reactive. It begins by identifying the barriers to good time management and shows how to overcome them. They will then be able to use the MBA method of assigning priorities to each activity and allocating the maximum time to the most important.

A highlight of the module is the concept of the ‘Standard’ Week’ which helps managers to review their progress until they are truly managing their time.

Sales Management Dashboards

CRM systems can be the source of valuable information that can determine where sales management attention is required. Carefully constructed sales management dashboards can indicate problem areas and improve the quality of forecasting. Irrespective of what CRM system you are using we can help you improve the quality and quantity of sales management information.