Below are some TRA examples of Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Specialist Sales Courses created for clients

Account Conversion Strategies

You have got your product on formulary or is approved for use in the hospital or trust and now the job is over…or is it?
This programme shows how to continue developing clinical relationships beyond the formulary inclusion to ensure your products are used or prescribed rather than simply gathering “dust” on the ‘approved list’, and how to ensure that the use of your product is maximised.


Selling To Non-Clinical Staff

Having clinical staff using and prescribing your products and solutions is just part of the story. Non-clinical staff often have significant impact on the adoption of products. Engaging with these individuals with the appropriate focus and messaging is often the key to successful and profitable adoption of your product. This programme will show how to identify additional people, develop relationships and adapt your proposition to improve your ‘customer footprint’.


Negotiating with Trust Procurement Staff

Procurement is a corporate function, but one that is, nevertheless, conducted by people. The art of successfully dealing with procurement situations lies in truly understanding the priorities, processes and people to ensure that your proposition genuinely adds real value on both sides. This programme provides an insight into procurement business drivers and delivers strategies and thinking to manage critical relationships to their full potential.


Group Selling Skills

Selling on a one-to-one is one thing, but communicating your message to a group of individuals within a wider team requires a very different skill set. From understanding the dynamics of your audience to ensuring your messaging and delivery creates lasting impact, this workshop shows how to keep an entire audience engaged and compelled to commit.


The 7 Step Sales Process

The 7 Step Sales Process has proven itself in the medical device and healthcare industry time and again. It is the basis of all effective communication This course will help you learn the essential steps and gain access to a comprehensive toolbox of critical skills to help you achieve the outcomes you want with all your customers whether in primary or secondary care.


Getting Formulary Inclusions

Consistent formulary representation is often achieved by following ‘tried and tested’ procedures. This programme explores the essential principles of repeated effectiveness from those who have succeeded time and again, and will help you feel confident in dealing with common obstacles.


Building Case Studies

Increasingly, we are needing to rely on our contacts to present compelling arguments to support the case for adopting our product into a Trust or Community. This programme will help you convert your ‘contact’ into your ‘champion’, assisting them in creating and delivering strong, needs-driven business cases internally on your behalf, with confidence and conviction.


Gaining More Access

Securing time with our key customers is critical to our on-going success. Without it, our message, however compelling, will not be heard. This programme explores successful ways to be in the right place, with the right person, at the right time, to be sure that these precious opportunities are optimised for both you and your customer.


Time And Territory Management

Effective time and territory management begins with truly understanding your customer base and business priorities. The most successful representatives know how to use their time so that it ‘packs a punch’. This programme provides essential guidance on how to structure your time and responsibilities to consistently get the best return.