How to generate qualified sales opportunities in new and existing accounts


INB improves the effectiveness of salespeople’s demand generation activities and their ability to fill the pipeline with qualified opportunities. Participants learn to identify potential needs in target accounts, approach and gain credibility with customer executives, and successfully initiate new opportunities. It also gives an organization a common process and language for planning each customer interaction. For example, the process helps a salesperson create “valid business reasons” to open doors with new prospects and then identify important information and commitments from the customer to move the sale forward.

How does the Workshop work?

Working in small teams, participants critically analyse their current practices, and develop concrete plans to initiate new business. The practical, easy-to-implement methodology and supporting tools help participants to quickly incorporate concepts into daily business, resulting in a better pipeline.

Who should attend?

Initiating New Business™ is suitable for account managers and others responsible for developing new business e.g. marketing, product management.

Workshop Benefits

  • More qualified opportunities – through a systematic methodology for prospecting
  • Increased share of wallet – by identifying new areas for cross and up-selling in existing accounts
  • Easier access to key decision-makers – by motivating customers to want to meet you
  • More effective first meetings – through professional preparation and execution
  • Reduced sales cycle time – through greater control of the sales process

Workshop Contents

  • Understanding what motivates customers to grant appointments
  • A pragmatic approach for identifying potential needs and developing an entry value proposition
  • How to target the right people and obtain a first appointment
  • How to develop a personal assistant into a Coach
  • How to fulfil customer expectations of first meetings
  • How to uncover and develop needs in your solution areas
  • How to qualify opportunities uncovered
  • How to use customer-centric communication to demonstrate capabilities
  • How to gain control of the sales process at the end of a successful first meeting
  • How to summarise a meeting in a professional follow-up e-mail
  • Application of methodology and tools on participant-chosen prospects and accounts


The two-day workshop begins both days at 8:30, ending at 19:00 on the first day, and at 17:15 on the second day. The first implementation review takes place about 3 months after the workshop.

Participant Preparation

To maximise the benefits of this workshop, participants complete a short assignment in which they critically analyse their current acquisition practices, and select the accounts on which to work during the program. Participants apply the workshop concepts directly on the accounts submitted.