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Are you neglecting your existing customers in the search for new ones?

By Graham Roberts-Phelps There is an old fable of an ambitious young man who travels the world in search of riches. While he is away his neighbours discover a rich seam of diamonds in his old home town. Many of you reading this will be constantly searching for new customers, often at considerable expense. However, […]

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The 10 principles of brilliant customer service

By Graham Roberts-Phelps 1.   Whatever you do, do it fast In a world where everything is fast, and everything is time based, speed will give you the competitive advantage.  Time is the scarcest commodity in the world.  So when dealing with your customers deliver fast service which adds value, it shows you care and it[…..]

Article: 6 tips for documenting your sales processes

by Ellis Pratt, Cherryleaf. There comes a point in most sales teams (and businesses) when they need to grow up, in order to grow. In the initial stages of  a new business, people often work in an ad hoc, inconsistent and occasionally chaotic way. It’s an “Age of Heroes”, where success usually depends on individual[…..]

Interview: How to make a PERFECT sales presentation

Dexter Moscow is a leading expert in sales communications. For the last 11 years Dexter has been a freelance presenter for QVC The TV Shopping Channel appearing live and selling a myriad of different products. Dexter also trains other QVC presenters in how to craft their pitch and he trains regular sales teams in how[…..]