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Interview: How to manage rejection

This is a recording of an interview between Richard White and Chris Mather, a very successful regional sales manager of a company that sells door to door. The idea was that there is probably lots of insights to be gained from a style of selling where rejection happens on a major scale. We were not[…..]

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Article: ROI Made Simple

By Richard White. If you are having trouble justifying your prices then you need to REALLY understand Return on Investment (ROI) – it’s the key to achieving higher margins whilst your clients still think you are providing excellent value. Here is an outline of key concepts and I will be writing more about how to[…..]

Interview: How to develop instant rapport

In sales people buy from people they know, like and trust. Being able to quickly establish rapport with people you meet is an essential skill. But how do you establish rapport and trust with people that are totally different to us? In this recording, top NLP trainers Julie French and Tony Burgess of the Acacemy[…..]