sales-coaching hand shake

Article: Delivering feedback your sales team will want to hear

By Richard White Feedback is an important tool in the Sales Manager’s coaching toolkit. You want your sales people to increase their sales results and feedback is an excellent way to help them identify how to make improvements. So often, however, offering feedback is like asking someone if they want to be criticised!  How does[…..]

Article: Sell me a story!

By Richard White. Case studies produced by IT companies are normally dry enough to send a prospect to sleep! Sales presentations are little better. How is it that two key tools in the sales process lack the sparkle and charisma normally associated with sales people?. How do we make them more engaging and entertaining? The[…..]

Article: Better Sales through effective communication

By Richard White. Communication and influencing skills are the tools of the trade for sales and continually honing your skills and your mentality in this area is vital. The reality is that selling products and services to customers is not much different than selling ideas to staff and suppliers. People do business with people they[…..]