Article: Motivating someone who doesn’t know what they want

By Richard White I was working with a sales manager this week who was saying how difficult it was getting a few of his sales team motivated. When I asked him whether he had done goal setting sessions with his team he told me that he had but some of his team were ‘half empty’ […]

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Article: Delivering feedback your sales team will want to hear

By Richard White Feedback is an important tool in the Sales Manager’s coaching toolkit. You want your sales people to increase their sales results and feedback is an excellent way to help them identify how to make improvements. So often, however, offering feedback is like asking someone if they want to be criticised!  How does[…..]

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Video: How to get motivated and stay motivated

Focused activity is one of the fundamentals of sales success. This is a mini-course video with exercises designed to help you set your goals, get motivated and stay motivated. If you do the course yourself you will better understand how to work with your sales team to get them motivated. Feel free to let them[…..]

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E-Book: Think and Grow Rich

Think and grow rich is a classic motivational book. Written by Napoleon Hill and inspired by Andrew Carnegie, it was published in 1937 at the end of the Great Depression.  It is not a book about sales by any means yet it contains many lessons for developing our thinking for success in sales. It is[…..]

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Interview: How to manage rejection

This is a recording of an interview between Richard White and Chris Mather, a very successful regional sales manager of a company that sells door to door. The idea was that there is probably lots of insights to be gained from a style of selling where rejection happens on a major scale. We were not[…..]

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Article: ROI Made Simple

By Richard White. If you are having trouble justifying your prices then you need to REALLY understand Return on Investment (ROI) – it’s the key to achieving higher margins whilst your clients still think you are providing excellent value. Here is an outline of key concepts and I will be writing more about how to[…..]

Interview: How to beat procrastination

What is procrastination costing your sales team? Leads? Clients? Sales? Procrastinating on generating leads, following up or even closing can be a costly habit in sales. So it might be worth finding out what's behind procrastination and what can we do about it. In this recording Richard White interviews the UKs leading expert in beating[…..]