Article: Making Deja Vu Work For You

By Richard White. The hair on the back of your neck stands on end and you feel strangely spooky. You have just seen and heard something that you are sure you have experienced before. Was it a dream? Was it a premonition? Was it an event just forgotten about? Science is still struggling to explain […]

Interview: How to make a PERFECT sales presentation

Dexter Moscow is a leading expert in sales communications. For the last 11 years Dexter has been a freelance presenter for QVC The TV Shopping Channel appearing live and selling a myriad of different products. Dexter also trains other QVC presenters in how to craft their pitch and he trains regular sales teams in how[…..]

Article: NLP – The Language of Sales

By Richard White. Words are the tools of the trade for sales people. Its not the words the count but how we use them. Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) provides a wealth of strategies that show us how to use words to effectively communicate, persuade, and influence. Its fair to say that NLP has more than[…..]

Interview: Making more time for sales

As Sales Manager it can be a difficult juggling act between selling, managing your team, and doing admin. How can we become more productive and create more time for vital sales activity, especially when we are busy with other work? In this recording, leading productivity expert Richard Maybury explains to Richard White how to better[…..]

Article: Better Sales through effective communication

By Richard White. Communication and influencing skills are the tools of the trade for sales and continually honing your skills and your mentality in this area is vital. The reality is that selling products and services to customers is not much different than selling ideas to staff and suppliers. People do business with people they[…..]

Interview: Dressing for Success

Can improving the way we dress have an impact on our levels of success? In this recording leading image consultant Pauline Crawford explains to Richard White why the way we present ourselves is so important in sales and some simple changes you can make in order to increase your impact with clients and prospects.